Who I Am and What I Do

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Karen Alecci Ciszewski, LMT

Certified Life Purpose Coach | Soul Guide | Intuitive Healer

Astrologist | Human Design Bodygraph Interpreter | Reiki Master Teacher 

Abridged Timeline

2010 - First introduced to the power of energy healing by Mentor.

2011 -  First Reiki Attunement 

2012 - First Past Life Regression 

2013 - Second Reiki Attunement 

2014 - Massage School

2015 - Became Licensed Massage Therapist

2016 - Third Reiki Attunement - Reiki Master

With true passion for the healing arts, Karen continually works to find new ways to help her clients

connect and align with their deepest inner truth and naturally whole state. Karen's personal empowerment journey began in 2010 after meeting her first spiritual teacher. A meeting which set into motion a chain of events that would lead to a lifetime of self exploration, healing and transformation. Not only is Karen dedicated to living her truth as a healer and light worker, she is firmly committed to serving as a Soul Guide to her clients on their journey. 


Karen received her first Usui Reiki attunement and certificate in 2011 (Reiki Master Certificate obtained 2016) and soon after felt called to add Massage Therapy to her practice. Her education at The Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage in Syracuse, NY opened her mind and her tool kit to a whole new dimension of healing for her clients. She has been practicing Massage Therapy* since obtaining her license in 2015 and prides herself on her integration of intuition and healing energy into her medically based technique. 

In addition to the physical and energetic healing of Massage therapy and Reiki, Karen is also highly adept at reading Astrology charts. A self taught Astrologist, Karen intuitively identifies themes and stories in her clients natal charts that describe their talents, traumas, trials and triumphs. It's her belief that in every chart, there exists endless opportunities for self actualization and empowerment. 

Adding to her knowledge as an intuitive Astrologist, Karen began studying the Human Design system in 2020. 

Karen believes in many forms of healing and it brings her joy to know that she can help her clients on their journey to becoming the best version of themselves, one session at a time.

*As of 2022, Karen has begun to transition out of her massage practice

with the intent of focusing on her work as a Soul Guide.

She is not taking on any new clients for Massage Therapy at this time.

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Buddhist Singing Bowl
Energy Healing
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Psychic Stones
Hot Stone Massage
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