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Discover the Secrets and Truths hidden in your Natal Chart

Human Design

Understand how cosmic energy moves through your life 

Life Coaching

Strategies to align with your Divine Life Purpose

Astrology Readings
Human Design Readings

Astrology Natal Chart Reading:

For those who have not had an astrology reading from Karen previously. We will dive into your chart and answer any questions you may have.


Astrology Follow-up Reading:

A continuation of our exploration of the information held in your Astrology charts. This appointment type is excellent for Transits, Progressions, and Planetary Returns.

Combination Astrology &
Human Design Reading


An extended (90 Minute) reading where we go over your astrological Natal Chart AND the basics of your Human Design Bodygraph.

Type, Strategy & Authority Reading:

For those who are new to Human Design. We'll spend an hour going over your Human Design Type, Strategy, Authority, and Energy Center Conditioning. You will receive a written report in a PDF to keep.


Human Design Follow-up:

A continuation of our exploration of the information held in your Human Design Bodygraph.


Human Design - Child* Reading:

We'll spend 30 minutes going over your child's HD Bodygraph. I'll share strategies that you can implement to best support your child in their unique energy. [One child's chart per appointment - if you have multiple children, please schedule separate appointments for each child]


*Children in this case are any person under the age of 18 years for which you have parental rights.


Coaching Services are available for those who feel called to work with Karen in this capacity. Please reach out to her directly here. Or by direct massage on FaceBook or Instagram. 

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*Legal Disclaimer: all information relayed during Readings is intended to be used for personal development and entertainment purposes only. At no point should any advice offered by Karen Ciszewski be assumed as legal, financial or medical advice. All clients of Waxing Moon Integrative Therapies are encouraged to seek the advice of licensed professionals in these matters and they dully acknowledge that any actionable change that they implement in their life as a result of their meeting with Karen Ciszewski is entirely of their own choosing and results are their responsibility.